NBC STUDIOS: 2006 – 2013 – This EMMY winning show was inspired by the life of Tina Fey, and was Executive Produced by Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels. Production Designer: Teresa Mastropierro


(LEFT) I worked very closely with the Production Designer, Teresa Mastropierro to design key set elements for construction, like these graphic Game Show elements.

(BELOW) It was my job to create images in a multitude of styles and tones to make the writes’ jokes as impactful as possible.

(BELOW) Here are some of the many photoshops I did of actor Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy with famous figures from around the world.

(BELOW) This slideshow features all the graphics I designed and produced for a scene in a Museum. I made all the posters, protest signs, exhibit cards and interactive graphics on small monitors. Even the vinyl letters on the walls were from graphic layouts I designed.

(BELOW) In this slideshow: graphics I made for a fake IKEA set. This kind of very believable corporate forgery was my favorite thing to do on 30 ROCK. I used Adobe Illustrator.


Many of the jokes and punchlines on 30 ROCK were graphics. Below is a pencil Illustration, I did, based on a caricature sketch from propmaster Kevin Ladson.

(BELOW) I used my versatile illustration skills in Adobe Illustrator this time, to draw in the anime style required to create a body pillow called Kimiko Tan.

(BELOW) These photo illustrations I made for a CD package, using various Getty images, were made super creepy and weird in photoshop.

Flash animation I made for the NBC Website to promote 30 ROCK.
Animation I created for set dressing monitors in FLASH.

(ABOVE) I did all of the animation in Seasons 1-4 in Flash. In Seasons 5-7 Brilliant Mike Pantuso joined me in the graphics department to animate for me. (LEFT) This was a fun and quick animated gag I did in Flash. Enjoy the comedic genius of Jane Krakowski. (BELOW) are animations I illustrated and designed that were put into motion by the brilliant Mike Pantuso.

Mike Pantuso bought my Adobe Illustrator pigeon drawings and fantasy world designs to life in Adobe After Effects.

Political Graphics

Political Comedy is my favorite. Here are some examples of political graphics I made for 30 ROCK using Adobe Software.

(BELOW) NBC Self Depreciation Slideshow

These post production graphics I made featuring the NBC Logo captured the best part of this job, all the jokes we made at our own expense were groundbreaking television. There is no other network that has so confidently and brilliantly poked fun at itself, ever. And we were nominated for 103 EMMY Awards, and won 11.