Kimmy Schmidt

NBC / Netflix – Executive Produced by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock.

Production Designer: Teresa Mastropierro

To create the weird, often disturbing world of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt we needed many custom graphics.

(LEFT) This photoshop was made with an old childhood picture of the lead actress and a photo of Mr. T. in front of a background I found on GETTY Images.

It’s one of Kimmy’s fondest memories before being kidnapped into a doomsday cult, so it had to feel very soft and sweet.

(ABOVE) Did a photo shoot with some costumed actors. Then I replaced the actor’s heads with old publicity photos of Tony Danza in Photoshop, to create these Tony Danza headshots.

(LEFT) I created a cartoon dream world for Kimmy to cycle through in Adobe Illustrator.

(BELOW) I designed all the set and costume graphics too. Mike Pantuso was the animator who bought the motion graphics to life in After Effects.


(BELOW) Hero magazine layout, Kimmy was chasing her dreams. I imagined her being attracted to this article for all the bright colors, the child-like hand iconography, and the whimsical motherboard circuitry.

(BELOW) More prop publications.

(BELOW) Prop packages made in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator using Getty Photos.

Below: More examples of the very ‘weird’ graphics in Kimmy Schmidt’s world.


(LEFT) This ‘Spidermen Too’ poster was a huge legal challenge.

We had to create something that felt like Spiderman without infringing on any of Marvel Comics’ rights.

This image I created in Adobe Illustrator, was what the network lawyers let us get away with.

Scroll through the slideshow for more weird graphics from this show, made with Adobe Software.

This Tilda Swinton Illustration I did in Adobe Illustrator is my favorite of all the graphics I made for this show.